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The Committee

Our current committee:

Matthew Fox - Chairman
Adrian Knight - Secretary
Pete Stubbs - Treasurer
Ray Cook - Handicap Secretary
Brian Kirby - Committee Member
Tommy Frampton - Committee Member
Richard Knight - Committee Member

At the AGM held on 11/1/19 it was decided and voted to reduce the size of the committee from 10 to 7. Previous members of the committee, that were present, were voted back on. Terry Caister resigned due to other commitments. It was decided that the current Captain would not be part of the committee unless aleready a committee member.

The committee in the first instance were self-elected as they were the people who started the Society. Now in their fourteenth year of "office" because nobody else wanted to take the roles on!

All three were members at Wickham Park Golf Club and it was over breakfast one Saturday morning that the idea came and snowballed to the society that is run today.

Read some of the genuine comments sent to us by guests and members alike:

"a special thanks for organising a couple of great days golf"

"In case it goes unsaid, can I thank you........for all that you have done this year. The HHGS has been a great success and long may it continue"

"I believe you have created an excellent Golfing society.........You do an excellent job in organising the events"

"I don't agree with this. The result will almost certainly mean that I won't be able to attend and therefore miss out on the drinks etc paid for out of my subscriptions!!!!"

"I cannot let this moment pass without saying that it has been an absolute pleasure playing the sport of Gentlemen with you guys, indeed had it not been for the pleasure of your company this year I probably would have stayed in bed months ago"

All the committee were re-elected at the AGM held in January, 2019 Richard Knight is our Captain with Jim Pretty as his Vice-Captain.